Couple Photography

When was the last time you captured memories as a couple? Spend an intimate time with the love of your life at Light & Magic Studios. Let us capture those special moments when you are together, which can be cherished for a lifetime. Whether you are an about to marry couple, newly married or a seasoned couple, who is about to celebrate your golden jubilee, we try to capture the feelings you share.

Couple photography has always been one of the delightful projects for us. Unlike individual photography where the emphasis is given to reflect the personality and moods of an individual person in the photograph whereas couple photography is about exploring the depth of the relationship shared by the couples…Our photographers are good in engaging the couple and making them comfortable during the shoot. We do a spectacular job in presenting some of the splendid photographs of couples in beautiful and romantic poses.

Along with the studio shoot, we also encourage a location shoot where the couple selects a location, which is very close to them. Our photographers are experienced to make the most of the sunset, beach, landscape or dessert; they will create opportunities for romantic poses.

Each of our images talk about the passion the couple share in their relationships. If you like our work or have any questions, please take a moment and fill the contact form here.

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