Kid Photography

Light and magic specializes in contemporary, unique portraits of newborns, babies, children, tweens and teens. Our studio at Lower Parel is perfect for the modern, urban kid. In our experience we have realized that having a built studio is not enough; children often tend to be more themselves in environments that they can relate to. With this in mind, we also take up location photography, where children can be free to be themselves, resulting in work that is more natural and spontaneous.

Our style of photography is very organic. Especially when it comes to portraits. Some of the best moments are caught when its not posed. A child running on a playground, blowing bubbles, making faceseverything portray the kid’s personality.With kids, those are the moments what we try and capture.

We think everybody has a story to narrate about his or her own self, and we are there to shoot it.

If you like our work or have any questions, please take a moment and fill the contact form here.

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