Matrimonial Photography

Looking for a perfect life partner? Then you may also be looking for your perfect photo to give it to a prospective life partner.

So what makes a perfect matrimony photo or how is it supposed to look like? Everybody likes to capture special moments of his or her life in photos - but this is different, here, you are judged on the basis of your photograph. A prospective match & their family try to understand the person in the photograph. We, at Light & Magic Photography, bring out your original personality. Our pictures focus on your assets & what makes you YOU. Pick from our shooting styles – traditional, formal or fun. Marriage is the most important decision of your life, and we will ensure that the right photograph will lead you to your soul mate.

We guide you to pick the most appropriate clothes for your shoot. A good combination of accessories, makeup & poses results in fabulous pictures. Our creative teams enhance your photographs before delivering them to you.

If you like our work or have any questions, please take a moment and fill the contact form here.

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